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It's all about the plan!

 Tully Pools has been building quality pools in the greater Atlanta market since 1993.  We are a true boutique builder and work with a small group of discerning clients each year to create the pool project of their dreams!  

Unlike many builders who have a few common designs that they will manage to fit into virtually every backyard space regardless of design, look or function, Tully Pools has a much different approach.  We believe that to create your own unique backyard environment, there has to be a plan. Unlike most companies that will supply you with a basic sketch that shows the placement of the pool, where the equipment will go and how your deck will look, Tully Pools has a completely different approach. 

We will create a comprehensive plan that is expansive and includes every facet of design, from how your family and your guests will access the pool, to the best placement of your backyard kitchen, the landscaping and more. And the planning is ongoing with progress meetings throughout the project.

With excellence comes a price. Tully Pools will probably not be your lowest price option.  Our superior plans, designs and construction processes are second to none. Our reputation is on the line in every pool we build! 

If you are looking for a select and exclusive backyard paradise and are interested in working with a company that puts their customers first, a company with integrity as well as vision, Tully Pools is your choice!


How We Work

 Tully Pools believes that a genuinely GREAT POOL is a group effort. From the design stages through construction and finishing details we work closely with our customers, listening to their needs, their ideas and working together to produce a beautiful finished product. 


We do it all

In addition to new pool construction, Tully Pools offers a wide array of services like deck and driveway pavers, hardscapes, pool restoration and repair, pool service and more. 

After you've got a great plan, then come the materials!


All “concrete” pools are not created equally—pay close attention and ask a lot of questions as arguably your pools shell is the most important structural component.

After the hole has been dug for your pool, it is shaped per your plan. Next it is lined with steel rebar for support, then comes the concrete shell. In essence all concrete pools are the same—a precise mixture of cement, sand, and water that is pneumatically applied. The key here is “precise” and it’s where the huge difference between SHOTCRETE and GUNITE come in.

Most commonly you will see Gunite as in most instances it is less costly for the builder to use. The cement and sand are dry-mixed at the job and through a hose and gun like applicator it is mixed with water and air by the person spraying in in your pool. Although you may save some money, the biggest disadvantage is that it boils down to the job is only as good as the crew who mix the sand and cement and the person then mixing that with water as he or she sprays it in your pool. Unfortunately, there is a lot room for error, and frankly not up to our standards.

At Tully Pools, we exclusively use Shotcrete. Again, it does cost a bit more, but the consistency and structural integrity are well worth it in the long run.

Like Gunite, Shotcrete is a mixture of cement, sand, and water and that’s where the similarities end. Unlike Gunite that is only as good as the crew mixing all of the components on the job site, Shotcrete is precisely mixed at the concrete facility and does not vary one bit because of possible crew error. The Shotcrete is then sprayed into your pool by a trained and skilled applicator. 


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