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The Best In The Industry

We build the perfect pool environment with Jandy professional-grade  swimming pool equipment. With a full line of pumps, filters, heaters,  lights, valves, water sanitizers, and the automation solutions to  control it all, Jandy has the complete equipment package for any  swimming pool or spa. 


everything for your pool or spa

Pool & Spa Automation


Take control of your backyard experience with the most user-friendly,  innovative pool automation and control systems on the market. Access  pool and spa features via smartphones, desktops, and tablets through the  intuitive, convenient, and award-winning iAquaLink app

Pool & Spa Pumps


The Pump Is The Heart of Your Pool or Spa!

 Jandy inground pool pumps are designed with the latest innovations to  provide you with cost-saving operation of your pool year after year.  

Pool Filters


Jandy Pro Series cartridge filters deliver the crystal clear  water you desire, along with unique features for simple and effortless  maintenance. 



 Providing industry-leading engineering, Jandy’s innovative line of pool  heaters and heat pumps are designed to deliver quality, energy-efficient  heating solutions so you can enjoy a longer swim season in your pool. 

Salt Systems & Sanitizers


 The Jandy Pro Series TruClear Salt System was designed from the ground  up to be simple to own and maintain without sacrificing performance or  reliability. It can also be controlled from a smart phone using the  iAquaLink™ app when combined with AquaLink® Automation  Systems. Features include durable Jandy Never Lube Valve construction, a compact  design for easy integration in most equipment pad configurations, and a  transparent window for quick visual inspection of blades. The  energy-efficient TruClear also works at extremely low-flow rates making  it fully compatible with variable-speed pumps. 

Lights & Water Features


 With a variety of choices, from vibrant hues and white color  temperatures to an assortment of sizes and energy-efficient styles —  Jandy offers the best pool lights to suit any type of pool. 

Sheer descents, waterfalls, rain-water falls, deck jets, mini-jets  and lighted jets we've got everything to customize your pool just the way you want it.