the most advanced AUTOmatic pool cover ON THE MARKET!

The only automatic pool cover system that can cover virtually any pool shape of design

Check out this video--you'll be amazed!

Cover any shape pool


HydraLux is the most advanced pool cover system on the market.

The HydraLux is the only pool cover that provides automation without the use of tracks, ropes and leading edge bars found on traditional automatic cover systems. 

In addition, multiple covers can

be deployed from a hidden recess in the pool floor to allow for complex pool shapes.

Save Energy


The U.S. Department of Energy states that 75 % of heat loss is from evaporation. 

Along with the evaporation, you will have

water and chemical loss while incurring the cost of increased pump and filtration time of an uncovered pool. 

By utilizing an automatic pool cover you will eliminate your evaporative loss.

Save Money


An automatic cover will reduce your pool operating costs by as much as 70 % through reduction of pool water, chemical and energy consumption. 

Additionally your other pool

equipment will work less and last longer. 

Save Time & Effort


Spend less time skimming and more time swimming. A pool with a cover is always clean, warm and debris free. Which in turn, will allow you to have more time to enjoy your backyard

oasis with your friends and family.

Unique Design


The HydraLux is a unique automatic pool

cover that utilizes extruded rigid PVC

slats. This slat design eliminates the rope

track interface and can provide automation on pools that previously could not accept an automatic pool cover.

The design characteristic of the hollow

slat uses three chambers, that when sealed provide a 1/2” airspace giving the cover an excellent insulating quality.

4-Designer Color Choices


Match any design.  Choose from Cream White, Silver Grey, Blue Sky, or Steel Grey.

Extruded slats with insulation factor of R-5 have a five-year warranty--one the best warranties available today.

download a hyrdalux brochure here

Hydralux Cover Tully Pools (pdf)